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Dental Implants in South Kensington London

Dental Implant Christmas Offer

Take advantage of our Christmas offer on Dental Implants. Usually £2900, they are reduced to £1699. We are also offering a free CBCT scan worth £100 in Harley Street. If you would like to pay in instalments, you can advantage of our finance options and pay only £33 a month. Call us on 020 7584 5551 to book a no obligation, no charge consultation with our dental surgeon. 

*Some patients may require a sinus lift or a bone graft which are not included in this price. 

What are dental implants?

Implants are a permanent and lifelong replacement for missing teeth. They are natural in both appearance and feel, and will restore your smile to its natural beauty. 

Why dental implants?

We believe that dental implants are one of the best options to replace missing teeth as they are fixed into place and can be looked after in the same way as natural teeth. Dental implants are also built to last. 

It is important to replace missing teeth for many reasons; to improve eating and chewing, to restore facial shape, to rebuild your confidence, avoid changes in your bite, prevent movement of other teeth and to avoid deterioration of the jaw bone.

Titanium is used for the implant as it is proven to bond well with the jaw bone by a process known as osseointegration. Over time, it becomes fully incorporated into the mouth’s system.

What’s the process?

At Thurloe Street Dental we have been using dental implants for a number of years with great success. We are advanced practitioners of this dental technique and can replace multiple lost teeth in one sitting. 

To explain the implant process simply, the procedure can be summarised in two stages: 

1) A titanium screw is embedded into the jaw bone. This will act as the new ‘root’ for your replacement prosthetic tooth

2) Following a healing period, a false tooth (also known as an abutment) will be attached to the implant

Treatment times can differ during implant treatment. An incision has to be made into the gum to allow access to the jawbone. A small hole will then be drilled into the jawbone to make room for the implant. In some cases, the implant can be placed immediately into the tooth socket, whereas in others, the dentist may want to wait for a short period to allow your jawbone to heal.

What does it cost?

Dental implants are a long lasting solution to missing teeth and are proven to last a lifetime. We offer a range of finance options for each type of dental treatment so you have the choice of paying in instalments or upfront. Please talk to one of our helpful team for more information.

Please note there may be additional costs for sinus lift and bone graft.

Consultations for dental implants to restore your missing teeth are obligation free and at no cost. Call us today on 02075845551.

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