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Fee Guide

The fees below are for routine dental treatment. For more complex treatment cases, we will always inform you of any additional costs before treatment begins.

0% finance available for all treatments above £1000.


Dental Treatment Fees

New Patient Full Case Assessment Examination (does not include x rays) £150
New Patient Dental Examination (does not include x rays) £105
Dental Examination for existing patients (if within a year) (does not include x rays) £95
Dental Examination for Children (under 12) (does not include x rays) £65
Individual X-rays £18
Oral Cancer Screening £150
Fillings from £190 to £280 depending on size of filling
Hygiene Treatment with Air Flow® £145
Children under 14 - Hygiene Treatment with hygienist using Air Flow® £95
Root Canal Treatment from £795
Porcelain Crown £1060
Re-cement Crown £120
Re-cement Veneer from £120
Extractions From £175
Surgical Extractions From £350
Wisdom Tooth Extractions From £350
Dental Implants (screw only) £1,930
Dental Implants + Crown £2,900
In-House Intravenous Sedation from £350
Enlighten Tooth Whitening £750
Home Whitening Kit (Philips Zoom) £390
Accelerated Teeth Whitening (Philips Zoom In Surgery Whitening plus Home Whitening kit) £695
Composite Veneer or Composite Bonding £495
Porcelain Veneer £1150
Consultation for Invisalign £150
Invisalign clear aligners From £3750
Removable retainer (Essix Retainer) per arch £160
Fixed Retainer (wire retainer) per arch £240
Vivera Retainers by Invisalign (3 sets) £495
Sports Mouth Guard £285
Consultation for Bruxism and TMD From £105
Botox Injections for TMJ and Bruxism From £345
Tanner or Michigan mouth guard (For TMJ and Bruxism) £795
Modjaw Analysis (for occlusal/bite/TMD diagnosis and analysis) £600
3D Digital Scan to monitor tooth wear £50
Emergency appointment (does not include x rays) From £120
Consultation with General Practictioner (doctor) £150

Wrinkle Treatments*

*Dependent on areas treated and amount required for optimum results.
One area (example frown or crow’s feet) £195
Two areas (example frown and crow’s feet or forehead and frowns) £250
Three areas (example frown, forehead and crow’s feet) £295

Dermal fillers*

*These prices are for lip enhancements, nose to mouth lines and fine lines around the lips.
Juvederm (0.5ml syringe) £190
Teosyal (1 ml syringe) £280
Juvederm (1 ml syringe) £295
Belotero Balance (1 ml syringe) £295
Belotero Intense (1 ml syringe) £315
Radiesse (1.5 ml syringe) and £395 (for additional syringes) £495
Mini facelift using Radiesse £1,200

A little note about the “From” in our pricelist: A service can vary enormously on different teeth and on different people in terms of difficulty and time required so it is unfair to have a standard charge for each service. If we had a set price, the person who is easy to work on and has small problems subsidises the person who has bigger problems. We will always tell you the exact cost of your treatment once we have assessed your situation.

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