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About the Practice

We are a caring, friendly and welcoming dental practice. We take pride in treating you as an individual and delivering extraordinary dental care. We utilize the latest equipment and the most modern techniques to give you extraordinary dental care and patient experience.

For your comfort we offer:
• Nespresso cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos.
• Massage chairs in the waiting area
• iPads to keep you occupied
• Wifi for your internet needs
• Hot comforting face towel after treatment
• Fresh Granny Smith apples and cold water to keep you refreshed
• Lip balm during and after treatment to keep the corners of your mouth from drying out.

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Practice History

Originally established over 40 years ago in 1970 by Dr. Fred Kingsley and Dr. Michael Wilkinson, Thurloe Street Dental was acquired by Dr Haider Raza in 2004 who worked together with Dr. Wilkinson for the next 2 years.

Recognised as one of the most prestigious dental practices in London, we take pride in taking a very different approach and giving each and every patient the “wow” factor.
Personalised service, old fashioned values and extraordinary dentistry are at the heart of the service our dental team is committed to provide.

Latest Technology

Dr. Raza uses a state of the art microscope to deliver precise dentistry.

Microscope Dentistry at Thurloe Street Dental, London:

The microscope is an advanced piece of equipment that allows increased precision in all aspects of dentistry. By magnifying the field up to 20 times, it allows unobstructed illumination of even the most difficult to access areas of the oral cavity. The microscope enables us to accurately diagnose problems early and effectively so that the problem can be managed with minimum treatment. If we spot any problems, the microscope allows us to communicate these more clearly so that you can make a more informed decision about treatment.

Air abrasion at Thurloe Street Dental, London:

Our air abrasion machine allows us to perform a range of dental procedures without having to drill your teeth! The air abrasion machine is like a little sandblaster that is incredibly effective at literally “blasting away stains and decay from your teeth”. The very fine particles that are sprayed from the air abrasion machine effectively clean and scale the surface of the tooth to be treated. These fine particles also clean away decay in the tooth. Air abrasion is painless and allows decay in cavities to be cleaned out with having to numb the tooth.

The air abrasion machine allows us to take a minimally invasive approach when treating decayed teeth.

We also routinely use air abrasion to remove stubborn stains on the surface of teeth.

Laser Dentistry at Thurloe Street Dental, London:

We use dental laser technology to re contour and reshape gums to correct “gummy smiles”. The laser aims a gentle beam which trims away excessive gum tissue covering the underling teeth. This process is quick and often painless as the laser allows the blood vessels to seal immediately. The use of laser technology for gum re shaping minimizes recovery time.

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About the dental team

About Dr. Haider Raza

The Principal Dental Surgeon at Thurloe Street Dental

Dr. Haider Raza qualified from London Hospital Medical College and completed extensive postgraduate training in Restorative Dentistry, Occlusal Studies and Dental Implants. Dr. Raza believes in continual investment in the latest advanced skills, techniques and technology. While he practices all aspects of dentistry, Dr. Raza’s particular passion lies in restorative dentistry and occlusion (the relationship between the teeth and how they interact). He has successfully treated many patients with bite/occlusal problems and commits much of his time to creating greater awareness of this issue.

Dr. Raza is also a dental phobia certified dentist. He has devoted time and resources to making dentistry painless and offers treatment to his patients under Intravenous Sedation or Oral Sedation – making sedation dentistry a safe and affordable option for nervous patients. Dr Raza has transformed many smiles by performing the specialised procedure known as Smile Design. He is an active member of the BSOS (British Society of Occlusal Studies), the BACD (British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) and the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), SAAD (Society for Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry).

About Dr. Haider Raza

  • Occlusion and Restorative Dentistry – IP for the study of Occlusion
  • Certificate in Cosmetic Dentistry – Advanced Dental Seminars
  • Occlusion for the Aesthetic Based Practice – Independent Seminars
  • Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry Course
  • Creating Life-like Etched Porcelain Bonded Restorations
  • The Hands-on Aesthetic Continuum
  • Trends in Dentistry (Smile design), Treatment Planning & Consent, Colour in dentistry – Advanced Dental Seminars
  • Collagen Replacement Therapy and Hylaform
  • Aesthetic soft tissue Integration of Ceramic Restorations on Teeth and Implants
  • Practical Occlusion and Appliance Course
  • Mastering Aesthetic Alternatives to Amalgam
  • The Business of Bleaching
  • Anterior Aesthetics: Direct Restorations – Advanced Dental Seminars
  • Core Clinical skills; Posterior Aesthetics; Anterior Aesthetics II; Anterior Aesthetics III;
  • Marketing; Full Mouth Cases; Bringing it all together – Advanced Dental Seminars
  • Hands-on course on Microscope Dentistry
  • Advanced Endodontic Techniques I
  • BACD 6th Annual Conference – the future of Dentistry
  • Interdisciplinary treatment Planning: Diagnostically Driven
  • Advanced Endodontic Techniques II
  • Conservative Composite Restorations: A step-by-step approach to rebuilding vital and
  • non-vital teeth
  • Management of the worn dentition
  • Functional Occlusion & Diagnostically Driven Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning
  • Occlusion and Restorative Dentistry
  • TMJ &TMD in a Restorative Dental Practice
  • Ultimate Occlusion level 1
  • Ultimate Occlusion level 2
  • The Aesthetic Team: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Success
  • Occlusion and temporo-mandibular joint disorders
  • Restylane – Qmed
  • Bespoke Orthodontics
  • Interdisciplinary Approach for excellent aesthetic results
  • The Mystery of TMJ Revealed: From Anatomy to Resolution
  • Advanced Restorative Dentistry
  • Occlusion for the Aesthetic Based Practice
  • Mastering Composite Artistry
  • Botox and Filler Advanced Training
  • The Art of a Beautiful Smile
  • The Art of Facial Aesthetics
  • Licensed practitioner of Neuro- Linguistic programming – NLP techniques
  • The Cosmetic- Occlusal Connection
  • Invisalign certificate of Completion
  • Practical Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry – St Ann’s Dental Clinic
  • Restorative Dentistry – St Ann’s Dental Clinic
  • The Advanced Implant Course
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