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Instantly revive tired skin with the amazing

ZO Red Carpet Peel

Instantly revive tired looking skin
Zo Skin Simulator Peel  is often referred to as the “Red Carpet Peel” due to its popularity with celebrities. This luxurious treatment involves a combination of glycolic, citric and lactic acids that dissolve dead skin cells and deliver an instant glow. Most importantly, there is no recovery or downtime!

Recommended For
This peel is suitable for all skin types. Zo Skin Simulator Peel is a highly effective treatment for the many signs of skin aging, Melasma, sun damage, fine lines, uneven texture, large pores, dull skin and acne. It stimulates cell turnover for continued improvement to the skin, therefore it is  highly recommended as part of good skin care regime.

The Experience
Zo Skin Simulator Peel is gentle on the skin, but delivers instant results that are visible immediately.

The Result
Soft radiant looking skin with noticeably reduced fine lines, glowing complexion and improved skin tone, texture and clarity. Zo Skin Simulator Peel will have you visibly glowing.

60 Minutes

Optimal Results
Brilliant results with just one peel, however for optimal results try a course of 3 peel, three weeks apart. Using Zo Skincare will improve results. Find the full ZO Skincare range here. 

How often?
Ideally repeated every 3 to 4 months to maintain a glowing complexion.

How much does it cost?
Zo Skin Stimulator peel is on special offer for a limited time and will cost £165.



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